What is the National Special Needs Network?


Since 1995...


The National Special Needs Network is a coast-to-coast affiliation of independent Special Needs Professionals dedicated to providing the finest and most complete special needs support services in America. 

The National Special Needs Network has independent affiliates located throughout the United States providing a range of different services for our diverse clientele. Each member of the National Special Needs Network is an independent professional who maintains their own specialized business or professional practice. 

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Each professional member of Network is certified with proven competence in special needs, and is committed to maintaining the highest standards for the greatest benefit of the clients whom they  serve.

Fees for services may vary depending on your needs and location.  



Jeffrey H. Minde, Esq. is an Attorney and Counselor at Law in the State of Florida, a New York State Certified Social Worker, a Qualified Mental Retardation Professional, and a life member of United Cerebral Palsy Associations, in addition to being a well-known author and public speaker. Dr. Minde has a long history as a legislative advocate who has been responsible for the creation of the Federal Government's "Ticket To Work And Work Incentives Program" as well as significant human services provisions of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996.


Kenneth Tucker, LMHC, LHD is a psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist whose professional practice, the Center for Counseling and Development, is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Tucker is the author of three books and is a featured political commentator on WHDT TV's weekly program, Adult Content, hosted by Brian Content.


Denis M. Malloy, MBA  of New York is an economist and financier whose focus is upon funding Special Needs-based programs such as group homes.


Rebecca Hope Kraas of Notre Dame, Indiana (seen here with her grandson Andre) is a parent advocate and our national program assistant.  


The Professional affiliates of the National Special Needs Network represent a diversity of professions and a wide-ranging geographic distribution, but share the same sense of commitment to service. 


All of our Professional affiliates maintain their own independent practices and provide their services on a Referral basis



Membership in the National Special Needs Network  is open  to all Special Needs consumers, family members, professionals, product and service providers, and members of the general public with an interest in disabilities issues.  We are constantly seeking new and growing affiliations with professionals and lay individuals in all areas of interest. If you are interested in joining, please call us for more information.



The National Special Needs Network's legal services are provided primarily through the Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Minde Attorney and Counselor At Law P.A. of Florida and referrals when necessary to other selected Law Firms in different areas of practice or regions of the United States.

Psychological counseling, medical treatment and other services are also available through referral.  All referrals are to independent professional practices. Since 1995 The National Special Needs Network Inc. has worked to develop strong relationships with professionals in diverse fields and locales.



Special Needs Estate Planning

Testamentary Estate Planning

Personal Injury Settlement Trusts

Special Needs Trust Management Services

Certification and Training of Qualified Special Needs Professionals (Q.S.N.P.s)

Social Security Disability Insurance Determinations Assistance

Health Insurance Claim Assistance

IRS 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization applications

Grant Writing

Expert Witness Services

Special Education Support Services

Venture Capital, Business Planning, and Investment Assistance for Special Needs Providers



Provide Funds For Special Needs Individuals and Projects?

We are not able to fund projects or give grants to organizations or individuals at this time.

Provide free legal services to the indigent or the disabled?

We do not receive funding to provide no cost legal or other professional services to the disabled community or the indigent.

Act as a legal referral service?

We are not a nationwide legal referral service.

Act as an Information Clearinghouse on Special Needs?

We are not a Clearinghouse-type organization; nor do we provide information on general Special Needs topics, local or national disabilities organizations, or other professional service providers.

Maintain a Hotline?

We do not maintain a Special Needs issues hotline; nor do we provide legal or other professional advice by telephone.

Provide Direct Care, Therapy or Respite Services?

No. We are not a treatment center or day program.



For more information call, write or email us at:

National Special Needs Network

4613 N. University Drive # 242, Coral Springs Florida 33067

Telephone: 561-447-4152

Facsimile: 561-447-4152

Email: jminde@comcast.net



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