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The National Special Needs Network is dedicated to providing access to Special Needs Trusts for people with disabilities throughout the United States. This service is available in all Fifty States and U.S. Territories.

Since 1994, we have worked with more than three thousand client families to craft a vast variety of specialized Estate Plans and Special Needs Trusts. Since we make certain that we are constantly aware of any substantive changes to the law, our Trusts and other documents are rarely challenged and have always met the stringent requirements imposed upon them by Social Security Administration representatives and other authorities.

Our Standard Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Estate Planning Package, including Reciprocal Wills, Reciprocal Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney , Reciprocal Pre-Need Guardianships, purpose-designed Trust or Asset Protection documents, and individualized Celebration of Life directives


Estate Planning Documents are also available individually; other documents can created or tailored to meet your specialized needs
Special Needs Irrevocable Trusts


Review of Existing Special Needs Trusts


Personal Injury Settlement Special Needs Trusts

$3,000.00 for Any Trust Up to $1,000,000.00 In Gross Value*

1.5% of The Gross Value For Any Trust Exceeding $1,000,000.00*


Consultations in person or by telephone / zoom

$500.00 per hour (or any part thereof)


Expert Witness Services in person or by telephone / zoom

$500.00 per hour (or part thereof)


Advance Directives



Last Will and Testament

Starting at $500.00*


Revocable Living Trust



Expert Witness Services

$500.00 per hour*


501(c)(3) Preparation

$7,500.00 for start-up Not-for-Profits*

$8,500.00 for Not-for-Profits in their first year*

$10,000.00 for Not-for-Profits in subsequent years*


*All prices are minimums. Prices may vary depending on individual Client circumstances.

Other document preparation services are also available.

All services are billed portal-to-portal. Per hour services are payable upon receipt of invoice. Flat-rate services, as listed above are, payable at the time of Retention. All fees for service are non-refundable. 

Costs, such as filing fees, postage, travel and other incidentals, are additional.
We accept payment by check, credit card, electronic transfer, and Zelle.